About us

About us

Hello friends,

My name is Satyendra Singh and www.Swasthyasmadhan.com is my website. We publish articles of great information related to health on this blog. All of you have often seen that there is no work to fulfill any major purpose. We all have come in this life for some reason.

All of the prescriptions mentioned on this website are very effective and accurate, but all of you are requested to take these solutions on their own responsibility only because we do not take any responsibility for this.

All of you To understand that you can not judge the true condition of your body, if you make any mistake in the use of these prescriptions, it can cause a lot of damage to you.

So we do not force you to use these tips. You take these home remedies or any information at full on your responsibilities.

Here we are not saying to discourage you that home remedies do not work, it is more effective than your medicines but for that you have to use them properly and you have to take care of some of them. That is how it works.


So again we want to say that all these tips should be used by your own wishes and if you do not want to use these prescriptions, then you are not bound in any way.

We also have a motive behind this website that we can assist the common man through the articles published by us. We want the information that we have to reach all the people through this website,

if I can achieve this, I will be very lucky to myself. Today internet has become such a way that through which we can get any information related to any area immediately.

We can get information related to any tip on the internet on our mobile and computer. Therefore, we continue to publish health related articles on our blog so that you can take care of your health.

Here we have good or bad food for health related articles, Home remedies, Ayurvedic prescriptions, healthy food for health, health and disease in Hindi articles write,as articles. If you have any problems with this type of article.

Please send an email to swasthyasmadhan@gmail.com. I will answer you in 24 hours.

About us:- 

Name- satyendra Singh



Contact: – swasthyasmadhan@gmail.com

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