Privacy Policy

What kind of information is asked here?

When you come to our website, some information is taken from you. For example, the name of the website, email or website URL can be asked. Google uses cookies to display advertisements on websites as a third party. Google helps users to show ads on another site on the Internet through their cookies. If the user does not want to use cookies then he can exit the cookies by going to Google’s policy.

How do we use the information you provide?

Information that is taken from the user can be used for:
To help the user further, the information that is obtained from the user is used to further improve the user’s need.

To make website more user friendly –

Through the information collected from the user, we try to make the website better.

To improve user problems –

The information that is collected from you is used to eliminate the problems of the customer very effectively.

Use of user’s implements-

The user’s email can be used to answer the question answers. How do we protect our user’s information? Whenever any customer puts their personal information on our website, we use all kinds of measures to protect the information given by you on your behalf.

Use of Cookies –

Cookies are very small files that remember the important information related to your browser through the website’s service provider. Cookies are also used for the purpose that the user wants to receive information from us in the future also.

Is your information shared with any other party?

We do not share or sell information obtained from our users with any external parties. We communicate only to any external side to improve our site, to operate it and to eliminate all its problems when they agree to keep our personal information confidential. However, such information which is not a person can be given to the third party for advertisement and commercial or other use.

Information for Third Party

Sometimes we can add products or services of any third website to our website, from our website. Because all websites have their own policies. Therefore, we will not be responsible for the data and activities of these websites related to our website. But our main goal is to stop our website without interruption and if we have any feedback about any other website, then welcome.

Some terms and conditions related to our website

To find out more about our website, you can visit the page related to the terms and conditions available on our site.

Privacy Policy for Online User-

This Privacy Policy will only be valid for obtaining information from our website or otherwise.

Agree with Privacy Policy?

Do you agree on our Privacy Policy?

Information for change in privacy policy-

Whenever we think about changing our privacy policy, we will tell all our customers about it on the home page of our website.

This Privacy Policy was given on 28/03/2019.

For any questions, please contact us –

if you want to ask any questions related to this Privacy Policy, you can contact us on .

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